Matrix Property Development is a real estate development company based in Southern California.  Our primary areas of business are flipping residential real estate and buying long-term investment properties.  We partner with investors on real estate purchases.  We buy properties below market value, we then upgrade the properties and sell them for a profit.   The two principals of the company are Philip Von Wrede and Miguel Duran.  We have a team of experienced builders, professionals and developers to ensure the highest profitability of each property.

Philip Von Wrede is an entrepreneur and marketing executive with a background in business development, international business, marketing and entertainment.  Miguel Duran is a seasoned general contractor and a custom home builder.  Miguel has over 9 years of building custom upscale homes as well as high-end home remodelling.

We focus on all major U.S. Markets and follow the trends, profit margins and statistics to determine where to invest and return the highest profit.  From California to New York, we follow the markets and meet the demand wherever it happens. With a team of contractors and business professionals, we keep our team lean and strong as a way to determine the highest quality, value and profitability in each development.