There’s no better time to invest into rental property than right now.  Because of the real estate fallout from 2008, there are many healthy markets in the United States where home prices have dropped as low as $20,000 per house!  Many of these homes are outdated or need some remodeling work to bring them rental-ready. 

Matrix Property Development finds these houses, rehabs them and gets them rented out for a profit.  We partner with investors and split the profits with the sponsoring investors. 

There are many markets in the United States that companies are relocating to because of the cost of living is better for their employees.  There are also markets that are saturated with colleges and universities.  These markets become excellent rental markets because of the influx of people moving in.  We keep our finger on the pulse by using technology and data to determine the best rental markets for investors.  After locating key growth markets, we research the market by finding the best neighborhoods with the most profitable rental rates for our investors. We then purchase the properties, refurbish the properties to make it rental-ready and get it rented out.  Our investment packages are set up on 5 and 10 year investment packages as a way to receive monthly residuals while selling the properties at the end of the term for a large pay-out. 

For more information, feel free to contact us to find out the investment opportunities.